Friday, October 8, 2010

Some of my works in progress

I've recently got back into the world of Cross Stitch again. I've been stitching since I was in elementary school (approx. 24 years) and can do any project out there with no problem....well except for I haven't quite mastered French Knots yet. But hey, nobody's perfect! :o)

I put my stitching down a few years ago, around the time my carpal tunnel started getting bad in both hands. Since I've had surgery in both hands I've been free of any pain or numbness so I am back to stitching!

For years now my friend Tasha has been trying to get me into going to our local stitch shop, Acorns & Threads for open stitch group. I finallly suprised her one day by showing up to one of the Saturday stitch groups. Well that's all it took and now I'm hooked and they can't get rid of me! I've gone to many Saturday stitch groups, as well as the Ink Circles group, Holiday group, Chatelaine group and Open Stitch night. I've also attended one Canned Nuts (a stitch the night away evening of fun from 5-midnight).

Anyway, I've had tons of fun and have met a bunch of great people and friends. Currently I have a ton of Works in Progress. I'm addicted to Ink Circles by designer Tracy Horner. They are my favorite patterns to stitch. Here is a picture of my first Ink Circles Project - Cirque des Carreaux. I'm doing this on 32ct. Lakeside Linen Tarnished Silver with Carrie's Creation thread in Epiphany.

Cirque des Carreaux

I am working on a few other projects also but they aren't as far along. I'm working on another Ink Circles called Turkish Delight in 32ct White fabric with Weeks Dye Works threads in Sky and Father's Day. I am also working on a Lizzie Kate piece called Halloween Boo! Club series that will be done by some Halloween, just not this one! It's done in 28ct Linens By Design in the color Sparrow. Here are pictures of those:

The very beginning of Turkish Delight

Boo! Club series
So that's where I am so far in my projects. I actually need to take a new picture of Cirque. The photo shown is 2 1/2 pages completed out of 6 pages of the pattern. Now I'm just over 4 pages done. New pictures to come soon. Promise :o)


  1. Wow, you have been really moving on your Ink Circles piece, impressive!!!! The colors are just fabulous. I am so excited to see you WIP's and how much you have been getting done. The Lizzie Kate Boo Club is going to be terrific on that color linen. Great job!! Keep it up :) I look forward to seeing more!!!!!

  2. Best of luck on your blog; it is fun to see all the lovely projects you are doing. Enjoy