Thursday, January 13, 2011

Loooong time no blog

Wow I've been a bad, bad blogger. So much to blog and been such a slacker! I've been stitching my little behind off and I have pictures to prove it! The holidays this year took over and I was too busy to blog. Well that's all done so now I'm back. I've been so inspired by other friends blogs that I just had to jump on.

In the world o' stitching I've learned that the month of January is "First Start Saturdays". Basically its just like it sounds, you start a new project each Saturday of this month. I believe that you try to get them done within this same year. I didn't start my first starts until the 2nd Saturday of the month so tomorrow will be First Start Friday as well.

My first "First Start" that I started last week was "Cirque des Triangles" by Ink Circles. I'm doing it on 30ct linen by Weeks Dye Works and its called Pumpkin. I'm using thread by Weeks Dye Works called Hot Rod. Its beautiful red, orange and yellow. I've never done a project on this bright and bold a linen but its awesome! I'm hanging this when finished in my computer room/office and the walls in there are bright yellow. So I think this project will look great in here. Here's a photo for enquiring minds.

Cirque des Triangles

I've also got to brag about my progress on Cirque des Cercles, another Ink Circles project. I've been working on it since October I believe and the end is in sight! I've started page 4 of 6 of the pattern. Its turning out beautifully. Here's a picture of it.

I love how its turning out! The brown is awesome and this will look fab in my bedroom. I have one chocolate colored wall in there and the rest are similar to the thread color. Can't wait to finish it!

Another one I've been working on is Fruit of the Spirit by Plum Street Samplers. Its a buddy project with a friend I met this summer. I've never done a buddy project so this is fun. I've ignored it a bit since I've been working hard on finishing Circles. This week I picked Fruit of the Spirit up and I am loving it and need to pay it more attention. It's looking marvelous if I do say so myself. Here's a pic of it.

I will post more soon, I promise! I have tomorrow off as I am working Saturday. Tomorrow will be a day of stitching. Well stitching and sleeping in. Well stitching, sleeping in and going to the mall lol! Anyway, hope you enjoy the updates. I know I enjoyed working on them!